Our Services

Everything you need, all under one roof

Our Services

Everything you need, all under one roof


Both first-time moms and experienced mothers find that Simmonds, Martin & Helmbrecht provides a comprehensive range of services, including high-risk obstetrics and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), ensuring comfort and safety throughout pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum care.


Gain confidence and support with our lactation consulting services and resources like Pacify, ensuring a positive breastfeeding experience.

Fertility Counseling

Consult with our team of experts for basic fertility counseling, where we address patients’ questions about conception options and the path to pregnancy.

Miscarriage Care

Compassionate and comprehensive care for miscarriage, addressing missed abortion, ectopic pregnancy, and related emotional support.

Early Gender Testing

Discover the sex of your baby early with our early gender testing, including fetal sex determination and 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound options at select locations.


Experience compassionate prenatal care and expert guidance throughout your pregnancy journey ensuring the well-being of both you and your growing family.

Nurse Midwives

Experience personalized care and support throughout your pregnancy and beyond with our dedicated Midwifery Care Services offering guidance and expertise in maternal and infant health.


We provide routine gynecologic care and management and treatment of gynecologic disorders for women in every stage of their lives.

Abnormal Pap Smear

Our comprehensive approach offers counseling and effective treatments for abnormal Pap results, ensuring your ongoing gynecological health.

Birth Control

Discover tailored birth control options with personalized consultations. Providers encourage open dialogue on pain management for IUD, ensuring your informed decision aligns with your individual needs.

Endometriosis Treatment

Experience compassionate care and effective treatment plans for endometriosis, ensuring a personalized approach to manage and alleviate associated symptoms.


Find relief from fibroid-related issues with our range of treatment options, supported by a dedicated team focused on providing effective solutions and ongoing support.

Menstrual Health

 Our expert guidance ensures comprehensive support for your menstrual health concerns. Additionally, explore management strategies for pain in the vulva during your period and painful periods. We offer NovaSure® for Heavy Periods.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

With Simmonds, Martin & Helmbrecht, receive specialized care and effective management strategies for PCOS, tailored to address individual symptoms and promote long-term well-being.


Hereditary Cancer Screening

Our hereditary cancer screening encompasses breast cancer and BRCA testing to assess and manage potential genetic risks. Read our Breast Cancer Resource Guide to learn more.


Prioritize your health by ensuring comprehensive screenings and expert guidance in breast health and early detection.

Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery

Discover the advantages of minimally invasive gynecological surgery, offering faster recovery times and reduced discomfort while ensuring optimal results.

Ovarian Cysts

Our services offer diligent evaluation and management of ovarian cysts, ensuring comprehensive care and support for your gynecological health.

Robotic Surgery

Access advanced robotic surgical techniques, offering precise and effective solutions catering to a range of gynecological conditions with minimized invasiveness.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Ensure your well-being with a comprehensive annual exam, including vital screenings for STD testing and cervical cancer. Use this time to discuss general wellness and receive necessary routine screenings. Get same day STI testing and Chlamydia rapid tests.

Breast Care

From assessments to treatment, our breast care services address tenderness, lumps, pain, and nipple discharge with compassion and expertise.

In-Office Procedures

Benefit from convenient in-office procedures planned and executed by our skilled care team. Some of these procedurs offered include: Colposcopy, Hysteroscopy, Endometrial Ablation, Tubal Sterilizations and Laparoscopic and Vaginal Hysterectomies.

Osteoporosis Management

Our bone density screening provides insights into osteoporosis and osteopenia, enabling targeted management strategies for bone health.

Menopause Care

Navigate the changes of menopause with confidence, receiving personalized care and effective strategies to manage symptoms and maintain overall well-being. Check out the Menopause section of our blog for helpful information.

Vulvovaginal Treatment

Access discrete and effective treatment options for vulvovaginal concerns, including addressing issues such as vaginal spasms, yeast infections, vaginal itching, odor and warts. Receive personalized care and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Speciality Care

Much like we take actions to take care of our physical health, we can also take actions to take care of our mental health as well as other specialty and ancillary services.

Bladder Leakage & Incontinence

Discover tailored approaches to address and manage bladder leakage and related incontinence issues, finding effective relief through our specialized care programs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Explore hormone replacement therapy, including bio-identical options, for balanced and personalized hormone management.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Trust in our expertise for laparoscopic surgery, providing a minimally invasive approach and personalized care to address a variety of gynecological conditions.

Teen Counseling

Our practice offers specialized teen counseling services aimed at providing a safe and supportive environment for adolescents to address various concerns, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence with professional guidance and support.

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Mental Wellness

Foster mental well-being through our holistic approach, providing support and resources to address psychological and emotional health concerns. Check out our Mental Wellness blog section for helpful articles.


Embrace the convenience of virtual care with our Telemedicine Video Appointments, providing efficient access to professional expertise from the comfort of your own home.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Enhance your confidence with our specialized gyn cosmetic procedures, including FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation, designed to address aesthetic and functional concerns with the utmost care and discretion.

Gender Affirming Care

Our gender affirming care supports individuals through comprehensive services tailored to their unique health and well-being needs.


Embrace inclusive care and support tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, fostering a welcoming environment and personalized treatments sensitive to individual needs–we are an LGBTQ+ friendly Ob-Gyn.

Lab Services

We provide convenient in-office lab services available at our multiple locations including Damascus, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, and Takoma Park, all provided by LabCorp, ensuring easy access for your diagnostic needs.


Find comprehensive care and specialized solutions for urinary and pelvic floor disorders, including expertise in Female Pelvic Medicine. We provide guidance on differentiating between BV vs UTIs, and offer nursing diagnosis for UTIs, ensuring personalized treatment plans and ongoing support.

Looking for advice on common women’s health concerns? Check out the HealthHub blog for information on birth control, menopause, PCOS, and other frequently asked questions.