Calling the Office

Appointments & General inquiries

Fair Oaks office
3650 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 203, Fairfax, VA 22033
Phone: 703-391-1500

Gainesville office
7500 Iron Bar Lane, Suite 219, Gainesville, VA 20155
Phone: 703-753-0963

Woodbridge office
2028 Opitz Boulevard, Suite A, Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone: 703-491-7181

Dulles office
24430 Stone Springs Blvd, Suite 215, Dulles, VA 20166
Phone: 571-492-3100


A physician or a nurse-midwife is on call 24 hours a day. If an emergency should arise after hours, please call the respective office numbers listed to the left, and the on-call physician will be paged. The nurse-midwife is on call 24 hours a day for her clients.

Non-Emergency Telephone Calls

The medical secretaries and assistants screen all incoming calls. Those requiring immediate attention will be managed appropriately after consultation with either the physician or nurse practitioner. Those calls not requiring an immediate response will be returned at random during or after office hours.

Our Departments

Practice Manager: Jackie Rosemond

As the Practice Manager, Ms. Rosemond oversees the overall management of the practice, including patient satisfaction, physician recruitment, billing management and compliance.  Please direct all practice inquiries, questions, and concerns directly to her.  She can be reached at 703-753-0963 extension 207, or via email at [email protected].

Operations Manager: Claudia Thayer

As Operations Manager, Mrs. Thayer oversees all the operational functions of the practice, daily operations and purchasing.  Please direct all operational inquiries directly to her.  She can be reached at (703) 690-2295 extension 107, or via email at [email protected]

Clinical Manager: Erin Baker 

As the Clinical Manager, Erin oversees the Medical Assistants of our offices, answers and manages the nurse’s lines.  Please direct all inquiries, questions, problems or concerns regarding clinical information to one of our nurses at: Woodbridge: (703) 491-7181 ext. 101; Gainesville: (703)753-0963 ext. 201; Fair Oaks: (703) 391-1500 ext. 301; Stone Springs (571) 492-3100

Surgical Coordinator/Maternity Benefits: Samantha Yates

Our Surgical Coordinator, Samantha (Sam) Yates is responsible for scheduling all surgeries, C-Sections, and inductions.  Sam is responsible for making sure that all procedures are scheduled appropriately and in a timely manner.  Sam will inform all surgical patients of their benefits after contacting their insurance company.  All of our surgeries are scheduled at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, Northern Virginia Surgical Center (NVSC) and Stone Springs Hospital.  All of our deliveries are performed at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital and Stone Springs Hospital.  Sam also obtains all Maternity Benefits for our Obstetrical patients. Sam can be contacted at the Gainesville office at (703) 753-0963 extension 209.

Disability Paperwork/Prior Authorizations

Disability Paperwork takes approximately 10-14 business days to complete.  Please send all Disability Paperwork to the attention of Zeinab Issa via fax at (703) 860-1549.


Thank you for your interest in Fairfax OB/GYN Associates, INC.  As opportunities (full-time and part-time) within the company become available they will be posted here.  Please check back often to see what is available. Unless otherwise noted, please direct all employment inquiries to [email protected]